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Top 5 Trainings and Seminars For Budding Architects

The role of an architect is crucial on designing and building structures and spaces. But it is not a job for the faint of hearts. In fact, aspiring architects need to go through a number of trainings and a wide spectrum of education to be able to master the fundamentals of being an excellent architect.

If you are currently in pursuit of a career in architecture, here are some training courses that can help you on enhancing your knowledge in architecture.

  • Autodesk Revit Training


Autodesk Revit programs are one of the newest programs being introduced for aspiring and experienced architect. These line of programs is built for Building Information Modeling to help architects deliver accurate model-based designs for projects. This program also provides precise 2D documentations for projects. Apart from what has been mentioned, Revit offer a number of advantages to architects and builders. There are training companies that offer Revit training in Abu Dhabi for both aspiring and professional architects.

  • AutoCAD Training Programs

A building blueprint is an essential document that is being used by architects, engineers and building. The blueprint serve as the master plan of a building and structure. Oftentimes, the architect is the ones who is task to create such crucial document. With that, it is a must that aspiring architects should master the AutoCAD programs, especially the ones related to 3D designing. This drafting software would make it easy to create blue prints and 3D models for project and presentation. There are firms that provide AutoCAD training in Abu Dhabi for those who want to master this software.

  • Project Management Training

An architect plays different roles in a project, and one of those is project manager. As of the one contact for building and construction projects, an architect must know how to plan a project accurately, provide precise costing, and creating a realistic timetable for the whole team to follow. A basic and/or specific project management training can help architect the rudimentary of managing a project.


  • Business Management Training

If you are an architect planning to turn this career into a business, you need to know the fundamentals of running a business. This is different discipline altogether. Business management would include courses in business accounting, handling employees, business planning, and procurement and distribution.


  • People Management Training

Managing people is a part of being an architect as he would be handling and leading a team to turn his plans to reality. People management training would teach them the effective way of handling a team and providing the right leadership.