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How To Communicate Better With Your Global Target Audience

Reaching your target audience is a constant challenge for marketing companies, especially if you are targeting more than one region. Sometimes, this dilemma cause failure in delivery of message and the campaign itself. The message might be aspirational, but when it is delivered to a specific location, there is a chance that audience missed your point.

To prevent this from happening, you might need to delve deep on how to communicate with your target audience so you will be able to relay the right content and context.


  • Do some research

Your marketing team might have done an initial research about the target audience – demographic profile, psychological profiles, and buyer personas. But they might be forgetting one thing – what language should be used to ensure that they are receiving the message well. This is important when you are targeting multiple cultures. Include on the research what languages are used by your target audience. This for you to know whether you are getting a french translation dubai for your campaign or another translator for another language.


  • Learn about the dialects

More than the language, the research needs to be deeper and include the dialects being use. The reason why the marketing team should include this on their research is because, there are some locations that are speaking varieties of the language or the dialect. For instance, there are varieties of the Portuguese language, like Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. They may root in the same language, but there are words that are being used differently. It is important to distinguish the lexical differences so you will never confuse the words. There is no “one-size-fit-all” solution for relaying a message, especially if you are dealing with different languages. Any translation agency in Dubai know the importance.



  • Differentiate spoken and written language

Another thing that you need to consider is the difference between the spoken and written language. For example, the Chinese language is spoken in different dialects but in terms of writing, there is just two main system that is being used. In that respect, marketing companies would need to use the two discipline for their written campaign and broadcast.


  • Be culturally sensitive

One of the reasons why some marketing company fail is that it forgets about the context of the message. There might be some message that will not sit well with other culture. Go beyond the language and what message is appropriate culturally.