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Safety Precautions When Using Scaffolding

Having a safety drill is a top priority in construction projects. This is to ensure that the workers are properly guided in using equipment and prevent accidents. This drills include proper usage of scaffolding. Yes, scaffolding safe drills is a must and should be followed strictly.


Here are some safety precautions that construction companies should follow when using scaffolding for their projects.


  • Be sure to install and erect the scaffolding properly

One thing that people need to do when using the scaffold is to ensure that they are installed properly. Dubai scaffolding companies also provide proper instructions to clients who bought their equipment or have a staff do the assembly for them.


If you are installing the equipment by yourself or your team, be sure to follow thorough instructions, from connecting the bars to putting the frames and platform and put them on a stable ground and lock the wheels properly. Correct installation and placement of the spare parts would lessen the chances of the scaffolding getting disconnected when it is being used.


  • Wear safety equipment at all times

When working on a construction site, it is a must for worker to wear personal protective equipment to ensure their safety. Same goes when using a scaffolding. Be sure to wear a hard hat and a non-slip work shoes while working on it.


It would also be best if the workers can have harness on their safety equipment in case they fall from the scaffolding.


  • Check the plane and equipment from time to time

Like any other construction equipment, you need to ensure that your scaffolding equipment is at tiptop condition when being used. Check the bars, the guardrails to the toeboards. See if there are any cracks or misalignment needed for repair and replacement.


Remember that scaffolding is being used by your workers. Ensuring that it is on stable condition is ensuring the worker’s safety and physical work security.


  • Determine the loading capacity

All scaffolding is built to hold heavy objects – from a number of workers to heavy equipment. But this equipment also has their capacity. Before you use it, it would be best to know the maximum loading capacity and remind those who will use it. Better yet, put a signage to remind everyone.


Going over the loading capacity would damage the scaffold and also endanger the life of people who are using it.


  • Do not interchange scaffolding spare parts

When you buy any scaffolding, whether it is mobile tower scaffold or a combination scaffold tower, it comes with a manual that specifies its spare parts and procedure how to install it. If and when a spare part is missing or damaged, do not use other scaffolding’s spare parts. The manufacturers built each one with precision – from the big parts to the smaller ones. Using another spare part from another scaffolding will damage the equipment.