Savvy locals start niche businesses in Dubai

Dubai is literally the land of opportunity. While in the past people have called the United States of America the land of opportunity, the recent bubble of housing and estate market that burst in the first decade of the twenty-first century has created a somewhat distrustful air around the country. On the other hand, Dubai has shown through the mist like a mystical beacon for entrepreneurs. This means that more and more people are flocking to the city. However, this does not mean that all of the investment in the city is being done through foreign powers. Rather the truth is that people from the UAE are also giving their share of finances to develop new projects. As new offices are constructed for multinational companies and new people move in, the locals who are not rich and wealthy have treated the newcomers as a golden opportunity.

Niche Businesses

Savvy locals have created niche businesses that are booming. One of these niche business ideas is connected to the recent baby boom in the city. As new babies are born, many families like to present the new-born’s parents with a gift. This can be a bit of a problem in Dubai as most duty-free shops are located a bit of a distance from the local hospitals and so are the best brands and malls. To the locals, this was a golden opportunity, and they have created small shops that sell newborn baby girl gift baskets. These include many things and are getting more and more common in hospitals. This has not only solved the problem of the people who want to bring a gift, it has also created a much-needed source of cash for the locals.

High end florists

Another local business idea that is booming is the flower shop. As many flowers in Dubai are not grown in the wild, rather they are imported, some locals have taken the idea to a new level. They purchase the flowers, then sort them out and then create fabulous bouquets which are fast becoming the most popular accessory for any intimate occasion. These flower shops have sprung across the city and they are now providing a steady stream of incredible flower creations to new couples, new parents and even to those who want to wish others a get soon with a special bouquet. Another thing is that they have arranged delivery of flowers to the doorstep, so their clients do not even have to leave their homes to buy the flowers.

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