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Tips On Spotting A Counterfeit Safety Gear

Counterfeit items are everywhere and manufacturers are trying to compete with the genuine suppliers for sale. But still getting the original one can yield a number of difference.

If you are on the process of scouting for safety gears, you need to know how to spot a fake item from the original. Here’s how:


  • The suppler is not running a legit operation

One of the things that you need to check first is whether the supplier is running a legit operation. Ask for business permits and papers. If they cannot present a single document, chances are they are not a legit company. Most of the time, these shady companies are dealing with counterfeit manufacturers of safety gears. Do not deal with this kind of supplier.

Look for safety helmet suppliers in Dubai that have all the business documents that you require. You may also want to ask about their reputation in the business and how they deal with clients. Having a good working relations with the client is big plus point.


  • The gears are made of low quality materials

Set a personal meeting with your prospective suppliers of safety goggles in Dubai to have a first look on the products they are offering. Take the chance to inspect the product thoroughly. It would be best if you can do some research prior to the meeting so you will know the type of materials that should be used for a specific safety gear. Ask the supplier on the product specs and compare it to the details you have with you.


  • The gears are not properly pack or has no packaging

Items that have no packaging or not packed properly calls for suspicion. A genuine safety gear should be packaged properly with the seal still intact. Upon inspection, check the packaging as well. Inspect if the packaging product enough information about the item inside and see where it is made.


Another thing you need to see is whether photo in the packaging is the same with the item inside. If there is a big difference between the photo and the item, it would be best to not get or order this item.


  • There are wear and tear on the materials

Safety gear should be intact and well-made as it will be used to protect the wearer. Check for the wear and tear. If it is factory defect, there is a chance that you can still return it for replacement. But if the wear and tear is due to weak and low grade material, it might mean that this is a counterfeit.


  • No certificates are presented

Genuine safety gear comes of a certificate that authenticate the item. The seal of certificate would prove the legitimacy of the material. If there are no certificate on the item, do not buy them.