How You Should Properly Prepare For A Lipo Procedure

Liposuction is one of the most effective and fastest way to achieve your desired shape and form. This procedure has helped a number of patients to gain back not only their bodies but also their self-confidence.

Most laser liposuction in Dubai are done by a professional and competent cosmetic surgeon. However, patients are also advised to do some preps themselves to ensure that success of the procedure. If you are undergoing a laser liposuction in the near future, here are some prep tips that you need to go through:

·        Go through your labs and checkups

Like any other procedure, a patient would need to undergo a series of checkups to ensure that your body is ready to undergo the procedure. You need to go through a series of blood tests, medical workup and attend a number of doctor’s appointments to ensure that your health is in top condition before undergoing the procedure. The result of these lab will also be used to create a highly customized treatment plan that is apt for your health standing.

·        Make arrangements in your schedule

Although laser liposuction is considered as a moderately-risky cosmetic procedure, you still need to ensure that you are well-prepared by making schedule adjustments for your recovery. Usually, your surgeon would advise you to make a complete bed rest for 48 hours after the operation. This is to ensure that the cuts will heal faster. So doing stressful and strenuous activities is not allowed. Be sure to ask your doctor about the recovery period so you can reschedule work and other appointments.

·        Prepare your home

Once you are allowed to go home, you still need to rest to reach full recovery. So be sure that your humble abode is well-adjusted based on your condition. Before your operation, be sure to arrange your room where everything is within your reach. The less movement you make, the better.

·        Go through the procedure once again

A week before the actual operation, set a meeting with your surgeon and go through the procedure once again. It is important that you fully understand the procedure and the possible risks and complication so you can better prepare yourself.

·        Prepare your bags

Your hospital bags is important as it will house the essentials you need when you get confined after the operation. Prepare a list and see the necessities you need before you get yourself checked in the facility.


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